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Danielle lewis


Should i wear glasses or contacts to meps ?

I gonna to meps. Which one shall i wear, glasses or contact lenses? Which one can make me look better?
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  • Jade scott


    You'd better wear the glasses to meps. Although wearing contact lenses will make you look better, it will cause damages for your eyes. Your eyes may get red and dry. You'd better wear the eyeglasses for the right vision. Usually wearing eyeglasses is more safe than that of wearing contact lenses. You should take this for reference.
  • Michael?griffin


    Well, in my opinion, you'd better wear glasses to meps. Maybe you may think it is not convenient to have glasses, for contact lenses can be more lightweight comparing with glasses. But for contact lenses, it will just increase the risk of getting eye infection from the bacteria. And when eye infection occurs, redness in eyes, burning eyes, and itchy eyes can be possible. what is more, it may cause some other serious eye problems.
  • Kelsey McNew


    Whether to wear glasses or eye contact lenses, in some cases it depends on the occasions, dress and personal adornment, personal dispositions that you would like to present, and so on and so forth. In your case of going to the meps, either wearing glasses or eye contacts lenses would do. Wearing a pair of normal eyeglasses will make people look gentle, serious and informed. As to eye contacts, they are in some ways convenient and easy to take, making you look refreshing and invigorative. On the other hand, if you wear eye contacts to the meps, you will be offered a container and some care solution for your eye contacts; if you wear glasses, there will be a container for your glasses too.

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