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How much fish oil should i take for dry eyes?

I heard that fish oil can be good for dry eyes, but I don' t know how much fish oil that dry eyes need.
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  • entivore


    Fish oil have a plenty of health benefits including cancer, mental health, hypertension, cardiovascular and pregnancy,which is derived from the oily fish' tissues. It is high in certain eicosanoids that can reduce inflammation all over the body. Our eyes are easy to be inflammed by bacteria or viruses. So, in some degree, fish oil can be good for our eyes. As dry eyes are caused by eye fatigue or some other eye infections, it can maintain our eyes and relieve pains of eye diseases. Recent research has found that the maximum intake is 3000mg of omega-3 per day. The effects of omega-3 is 10 times that of 1000mg pill, as one such pill has only 300mg effective substance of omega-3.
  • duncan


    Actually, it is the omega-3 contained in the fish oil that functions to alleviate your eye dryness. The label or instruction of the fish oil you purchase will tell you the amount of omega-3 in each capsule and recommend the dose you should take every day according to your condition. So you should follow the instruction of the product. Usually, 6-10 capsules of fish oil per day are appropriate. Besides, the advice of your doctor should not be ignored. Even before you take fish oil, you should consult your doctor to avoid undesirable consequence or side effects. When your doctor suggests you to take fish oil, he/she will also tell you the amount you should take.
  • Luke oliver


    Well, first you should know that supplementation with fish oil could be effective so it will just help treat dry eyes. And of course, you can just take some fish oil products. And just apply them over your eye skin surface. And let the oil just cover the eye skin. That can be enough. And do not put too much on your eyes, or it will just waste it. Also, you can just have more herring and salmon too. For dry eyes, discomfort, including irritation, burning, grittiness, redness, tearing, and blurred vision can be possible. So you should just be careful about it. By the way, more water and eat more fruits should be kept too.

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