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Is it ok for people over 60 to wear contacts?

Is there any age limit to people wearing contact lenses? Can a 64 years old people wear contact lenses? Is it bad for eyes?
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  • Andrea lester


    Well, it seems that you are a man of 64 years old, and you would like to wear contact lenses. So, from what I know, it would be wise for you not to wear contact lenses, because as you can see, at this age level, your eyes have a decreased ability to withstand a lack of oxygen, which could give rise to some infections and other problems, therefore, you had better wear eyeglasses.
  • chopperkriss


    Actually people above 14 years old and with healthy eyes could wear the contact lenses. If there is no eyes problem for you, you could wear the contact lenses. However, you are strongly suggested not to wear the contact lenses because of your easy dry eyes. You may get high possibility of getting infection when you wear the contact lenses which will be bad for your eyes.
  • Judy


    As usual, the experts suggest the old people not wear contacts because as we all know that the eyes of the old people are easily to get dry eyes, at the same time, their eyes are sensitive to the light. According to the test, the old people under 60 can wear contacts lenses; however, they cannot wear them for long time. As you know, when you wear contacts for long time, you will feel your eyes are very dry and you want to rub your eyes. If you do this many times, your eyes are easily to get infection because of the bacteria on your hand. In addition, when the old people looking at the strong light, the eyes often are sensitive to the eyes and this will result in the fact that our eyes cannot breathe enough oxygen. At last, there are more possibilities making our eyes hurt. Hope my opinion can help you.

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