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Is evening primrose oil good for dark circles ?

I have serious dark circles. I tried to reduce it. But it doesn't work. Now, I heard that evening primrose oil can help dark circles. Does it really help?
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  • Mya baker


    Yes, the evening primrose oil may reduce the dark circles if you keep on using it every day until its disappearance. However, the wheat germ oil and aroma oil are also good for your dark circles under the eyes. You could take them into consideration. However, the dark circles under the eyes are mainly caused by the not well blood circulation and not good sleep. You should firstly promise the good sleep and eating habits with no spicy food during this time. The using of the evening primrose oil could help you reduce the dark circles under the eyes. In addition, you could also do the warm compress after you use the evening primrose oil which could quick the blood circulation and reduce the dark circles quickly.
  • miguel gaytan


    As we all know, the evening primrose oil is derived from the seed of "Oenothera Biennis" which is used to treat numerous of disorders such as the allergies. In fact, as to the question you asked whether the evening primrose oil ideas useful for the dark circles. I want to tell you not really. You know many reasons can cause the dark circles, including the lack of sleeping, vitamin deficiency and so on. However, the evening primrose oil just only have some function to the skin disorder about our eyes or health, that is to say, the evening primrose oil cannot help you clear the dark circles. If you really want to clear the dark circles, you can just find the right reason why you have so many dark circles, and then you can treat them by through the right way. Sincerely hope you can find the right reason and way to help you with the dark circles.
  • Lynn Sherrill


    I don't know how serious your problem is, but usually some kind of oil could help reduce the dark circles to some extent, for example, baby oil and aroma oil. Evening primrose oil should be one kind of aroma oil. You could apply it while you massage your skin around eyes. You need to be carefully and softly, because the skin around eyes is very delicate and thin. But no matter what function various oil and cream could have to eyes, I still insist that good sleeping is the best for your eyes. Go to bed before 10:00pm and fall in deep sleep before 11:00pm every day are very good to your health. Good sleeping could give you a fresh look with brilliant skin. Have a try. But if you indeed have good sleep, yet dark circles still stay, then I suggest you to go to see a doctor for diagnosis. It might be an indication of liver, kidney or heart condition.