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Is wheat germ oil good for dark circles?

I heard that wheat germ oil can help dark circles. Is that true? How can wheat germ oil help dark circles?
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  • Justin williams


    Yes, the wheat germ oil helps dark circles to some degree. It is not purely refined with vitamin E. The refined wheat germ oil contains rich unsaturated fatty acid, vitamin E and so on. They have the following functions which are healthy for the human body. First of all, it is responsible for the body oxygen supply and delivery. In the second place, it has antioxidant effect, controlling the harmful peroxide fat generation in the human body and postponing senile plaque formation. Thirdly, it can promote the blood circulation and adjust the restore endocrine organ function. Fourthly, it can control fat metabolism and reduce the cholesterol in the blood. Fifthly, it can improve the muscle function and improve the reaction sensitivity and sports endurance. Last of all, it can be absorbed by the skin to reduce the dark circles around the eyes. In a word, the wheat germ oil is such a good thing for people to eat.
  • crazyfirekiller


    Well, yes, wheat germ oil can be good for the dark circles under your eyes. as we know that wheat germ oil contains proteins and minerals which work to revive the skin. We can say that it works as an anti-oxidant. So by using it, it can resist wrinkles. So the dark circles can be reduced. Besides, there are also some other ways you can do to reduce the dark circles. For example, you should stay away from the stress, for it is contributory to having these dark circles under eyes as well as to other health issues. In addition, you can just put some cool cucumbers on your eyes, and it can also relieve your symptom.
  • confused_withac


    There are many kinds of nutrition contained in wheat germ oil, such as vitamin E, vitamin B1, protein and various kinds of minerals. Wheat germ is the core of wheat. It is the so called bank of nutrition. I believe the wheat germ oil could definitely help reduce dark circles. Yet I don't thing just simply apply it on the skin is enough. You still need to massage the skin to help absorb the nutrition and help invigorate the blood circulation there. Although wheat germ oil is very good, yet good sleeping is more essential to the brightness of your skin. Go to bed early and have a good sleep, you would be surprised that you look refreshed with rosy skin. Hope this could be helpful to you.