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Is aroma oil good for dark circles?

Is it true that aroma oil is good for dark circles? If so, how long it will take to make the dark disappear?
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  • Luis


    Yes, it is true that aroma oil is good for the dark circles under the eyes. When it adopts on the skin and is absorbed by the skin, it will smooth the dark circles around the eyes and make the skins around the eyes moisture. You could find that if you keep on using it at regular amount every day, the dark circles under the eyes will be released.
  • canttouchthis90


    Well, yes, aroma oil can be good for reducing dark circles under eyes. Generally speaking, there are many causes which can lead to dark circles, such as sun exposure, allergies, drugs, nutrition, fatigue, and lack of sleep. By using aroma oil, it will just relieve the situation. You should know that aroma oil is useful as it hydrates skin and it also contains vitamin (A) and vitamin (D). In other words, it can work on tighten skin and to lighten skin color. in a few days, it can disappear. By the way, you can try tea compresses. Just put a tea bag or a little of tea leaves in a thin cloth then place them in warm water for seconds then on the dark area for 10 minutes. Just have a try.


    Yes, it is true. It seems that aroma oil could help reduce the dark under eyes. You can apply it when you massage the skin around eyes. Put some aroma oil on your palm, rubbing quickly and repeatedly. When you feel your palm is warm, put your palm on your eyes, staying there for a few seconds. Repeat this for a few times and then massage the skin with your finger softly. This might help reduce dark circles, yet it is hard to say how long the dark circles will disappear. For me, the fastest way is to take a good sleep. Usually dark circles and puffy eyes are caused by poor sleeping. Just having a good sleep could make you refreshed and young. Yet if the dark circle stays for a long time when you actually sleep well, then it might indicate some condition. You need to take a physical check to find the underlying root.

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