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Alexandria taylor


How to conceal dark circles under eyes for men?

I noticed that i got dark circles under my eyes. The dark circles makes me look tired. Is there any way i can do to reduce it? Or how can i conceal it?
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  • Caroline


    Yes, you can do something to reduce the dark circles under your eyes which are caused by the lack of sleep, bad blood circulation and so on. You could use the wheat germ oil or aroma oil or evening primrose oil which is good for you to reduce the dark circles under the eyes. You should better have the good sleep, having the healthy diet.
  • walkingalone00


    Sounds like your eyes have got some problems, don't they. Anyway, what we should do right now is to figure out possible ways to tackle this problem,which affects your personal image. So, since you are a man, I do not recommend eye makeups to you, however, if you would like to wear a pair of black glasses, you would look better, because the frames of the glasses could cover the dark circles, just have a try.
  • characterposter


    The typical causes of dark circles are poor blood circulation due to fatigue, insufficient sleep and mental pressure, so the dark circles under your eyes are indicative of poor condition that your body is in. You should take sufficient rest and keep yourself relaxed. If you feel the dark circles do not look nice or proper when you go out or date, you can pour boiling water in the washbasin to steam your face for two to three minutes and then apply cold towel on your eyes. As eyes are liable to be dry, so you had better use moisture cosmetics to replenish water. Massage has a good effect of reducing the dark circles, too. In your daily life, you should balance your diets and eat more fruits with rich vitamin C and do appropriate amount of aerobic exercises.