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Does wearing 3d glasses hurt your eyes?

Is it OK to wear 3D glasses? Will it harm to my eyes? Any suggestion?
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  • William clive


    It is OK to wear the 3d glasses to watch 3d movies. It will not harm your eyes. Wearing the 3d glasses in the cinema to watch the 3d movies will protect your eyes from the screen and let you see clearly and effectively. If you don't feel comfortable when wearing it, it may be the reason that the 3d glasses are too heavy for you which gives pressure on your nose. You could adjust it a little.
  • Jack percy


    Well, looks like you are not very familiar with those hi tech glasses,as a matter of fact, those specially designed glasses are used to provide you greater visual effects and joy while watching a 3d movie. Sometimes for some people. it would give rise to some dizzy feeling, wanting to throw up and maybe blurred vision, however, I guarantee that proper use of them would do no harm to your eyes. Just follow the instructions before using them ok?
  • cabanaboy01


    LOL, pls no worries. If wearing 3D glasses is harmful for our eyes, I think the 3d movies will not be so popular all over the world. What matters is that how often you wear 3D glasses. If you wear 3D glasses too often, your eyes are easily getting dry. Besides, you know, the glasses will also release some radiation while wearing 3D glasses, as a matter of the fact; you will know that you cannot wear 3D glasses when you are pregnant. All in all, wearing 3D glasses will not hurt your eyes, however, if you wear too much, there are more possibilities that our eyes are getting hurt, especially the dry eyes. Then, do remember that you cannot wear 3D glasses outside when the sunshine is nice. Hope my personal suggestion will help you with your question and doubt.
  • Syl Lar


    You guys are KIDDING RIGHT? Why bother answer when clearly you haven't done the slightest research. All cinema glasses I've ever got had a huge warning on the packaging NOT TO USE THESE OUTDOORS!

    The reason is very simple : They do not block UltraViolet light. Intense sun will obviously increase the amount of UV substantially. The normal reaction of your eyes will be to reduce the amount of light coming in your eyes by constricting your pupil (a reflex called miosis). This prevents your from being blinded by the light.

    When you put on sunglasses, you're dimming the incoming light so your natural eyes reaction will be to dilate your pupil, letting more light in, this is called mydriasis.

    The PROBLEM is these sh*tt* glasses do not filter UV light so there is the same amount of UV ligth as if you had no glasses, and the SAD PART is your eyes do not notice this and keep the pupil dilated.

    In short, you're slowly burning your eyes out with Ultraviolet light when wearing these glasses outside.
  • Sharren


    It doesn't hurt your eyes or damage your eyes it just may make your perception a little strange. My brain and eyes do not process 3D movies correctly so I will see two images on top of each for most of the 3D effects and they never really pop out at me.

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