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Why do babies get bloodshot eyes?

It is so strange that some new babies get bloodshot eyes. What causes it?
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  • Jordan Brown


    I suppose it could be a number of things but along with a raised temperature there's a chance he has an eye infection. These are pretty common in babies, particularly if their sinuses have been a bit bunged up. Has he had any mucous in the corner of his eye or along his eyelashes? Could also be that he got a tiny bit of fluff or something in his eye and then just made it sore from rubbing. It's worth going to your GP to get it checked out as eye infections can be cleared up easily with medication but can cause trouble if they aren't treated. In the meantime it's a good idea to use some cooled, boiled water and clean cotton wool to clean the eye. Sweep the dampened cotton gently over his eye from the inner corner outwards. Use a fresh piece of cotton wool for each sweep to avoid putting anything back into his eye. Hope it clears up soon.
  • george


    Bloodshot eyes possess the characteristics of tiny jagged red lines on the white part of the eye, or so called the sclera. These lines are the blood vessels which have become enlarged due to irritation or blockage. The right indicator of how serious the condition of bloodshot eyes is lies in the eye pain and vision loss which are more important indicators of cause for concern than the amount of redness. In addition, coughing or straining can cause blood vessels in the eyes of the baby to burst, in which case the red will appear as a single bloody patch in one eye and you should take the baby to the doctor for an examination. At least you should seek emergency medical assistance if you find the baby have bloodshot eyes.
  • Mariah


    Normally speaking, bloodshot eyes can also be called red eyes, pink eye or allergy eyes. In truth, bloodshot is blood vessels in your eyes, which is enlarged and filled with blood. Since bloodshot eyes can be called allergy eyes, so the most cause is allergy. Other reasons such as tiredness, irritants, bacteriar or viral infections, cough can lead to bloodshot eye. Frankly speaking, bloodshot eyes is not as serious as you think. If your child feel pain or have vision problem, you had better ask the doctor immediately.
  • emptybot


    When the baby finally opens its eyes, many parents may noticed that there are blood spots in their baby's eyes. Don't be surprised for it's normal that newborns babies have bloodshot eyes. The causes are simply: during the delivery, the baby's head had born a lot of pressure, when the pressure is too high; it may break the blood vessels of the baby's eyes. but the damage will be recover soon.

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