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Can bronchitis give you pink eye?

Can bronchitis affect our eyes? Is it possible to cause pink eyes from bronchitis?
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  • emiliaenespanol


    Yes, bronchitis will affect your eyes. It is possible for you to get pink eyes because the throat infection may easily let you get your eyes infection. You need to use some eye drops with anti-inflammation to moisture the eyes and make eyes get comfortable. You should take the medical care to treat the bronchitis as soon as possible. Then you will avoid the pink eyes.
  • Caleb murphy


    No, though pink eye can cause bronchitis. Certain pink eyes which are caused by virus can cause bronchitis, because the drip-page of mucus affected by virus can flow into the throat through nasal passage. However, it doesn't go through reversely. Naturally, fluid flow from higher place to lower place. Therefore, it is impossible for bronchitis to cause pink eyes.
  • John eddy


    Bronchitis can give you pink eyes because it is can be caused by adenoviruses which is also one of the viruses responsible for pink eyes. The adenoviruses can probably affect your upper respiratory tract together with your eyes thus bring you pink eyes associated with bronchitis by infecting the white part of the eyes to turn red or pink. Besides bronchitis, a cold can also lead to pink eye. When you have pink eye related to bronchitis, you can try some ways to treat the pink eyes while you are going through the treatment for bronchitis. Keeping your eyes, hands and fingers clean and avoiding rubbing your eyes are very important. You can try compresses that make you comfortable on your eyes. Antibiotic will also work.