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What to do when you poke your eye?

I just poked my eyes by a accident. And my eyes feel pain right now. What shall i do?
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  • emptyheading


    Your eyes will of course feel pain after you poke your eyes by accident. You should find the hot water and clean cloth to do the warm compress. You need to put the clean cloth to cover on the eyes surface to warm your eyes. This is very helpful. And your painful eyes will be released to some degree. You could try this way and release your pain at the eyes.
  • Jonathan tuener


    First of all, you need to realize the severity of your damage. Did you poke your eyes with your fingers or other things? If you poked your eyes with finger, then it may not be very serious. You just need to drip some antibiotic eye drops and the cornea will heal itself after 24 hours. If you poked your eyes with sharp and pointed items, the trauma will be much more serious. You need to go to see a doctor as soon as possible. Corneal repair surgery may be taken.
  • Alexander david


    You can check you eyes in the mirror. If there are blood spots, it means you have got hyphema. Hyphema is common when you have an eye trauma. Look at the eye you have poked to see if it is normal; try blink a few times to see if it is blurry. Move your finger in front of your eye, try following the finger. If the eye can move with your finger, it indicates your eye is not hurt too badly. Anyway, eyes are precious and go see the doctor is the best choice if the pain doesn't go away. You eye may also get infected; so run the poked eye in hot water to clean it. Don't be too worried about it. Eyes may see to be fragile, but they are not going to be damaged easily.
  • Ethan


    Well, it will be kind of dangerous to poke eyes. When blood and other fluids collect in the space around the eye, black eye can be possible. So you just need to take some measures to relieve your pain. For example, if your situation is not so severe, you can just have some home remedies. First, just have some ice under your eyes, and then have cold compresses on it. By the way, the tea tree oil is very good for black eyes, for tea tree oil contains a cosmetic product and purcelin oil. And if your eyes suffer serious pain, you may need to go and see eye doctor as soon as possible.
  • Jonathan tuener


    Since there is no watering, pain, vision problems, there is no need to worry. If there any of these symptoms then need to consult ophthalmologist. Hence the injury appears to be limited only to conjunctiva in the form of subconjunctival hemorrhage which does not require emergency treatment. Hence no need to worry and you need to go to check it out after appointment with your doctor.

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