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Can a corneal abrasion cause double vision?

I have got double vision for days, and which makes me feel really very uncomfortable. Is that caused by my corneal abrasion?
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  • Zoe


    Yes, it is very possible that the double vision may be caused by corneal abrasion. Cornea is usually regarded as the clear and protective window of the heart of human beings at the front of the eye of human beings, as well as where the most common type of injuries that the eyes would get. It can be very painful if people get corneal abrasions such as when getting your cornea scratched, feeling like you have sands in the eyes, along with the symptoms such as tears, blurred vision, increased sensitivity or redness around the eye, and sometimes you even can get headache. Notice that do not try to remove an object, nor do you rub your eye after an injury, or touch your eyeball.
  • cant_let_him_go


    Yes, the double vision may be caused by your corneal abrasion. The main reason for the double vision can be the eyes infection. You should use some home remedies to treat your corneal abrasion to avoid the coming invisible bacterium. That is very important. You could also use the warm compress to make your eyes get comfortable.
  • Aaron lewis


    Yeah, it is true that corneal abrasion will cause double vision. Double vision is really serious because it may lead to myopia, glaucoma, even blindness. You had better check your eyes whether they have these symptoms or not. Symptoms of double vision included headaches, pain around the eyes, weakness in the eyes or anywhere else and droopy eyes. After that, think over whether you experience such situations: the cornea is the clear window into the eye, the lens is behind the pupil and injury to eyes. If you have all these conditions, then call for a doctor and determine the treatment option.

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