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Can a pinched nerve cause double vision?

I saw a lecture on tv yesterday, which is talking about the reasons that can cause double vision. By the way, can a pinched nerve cause double vision?
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  • Arianna griffin


    As i know, pinched nerve can also cause double vision. Your eyes are controlled by nervous system, and if there are any problem in your nervous system, binocular muscle action is not coordinated. For example, if right lateral rectus muscle shrinks, left medial rectus muscle shrinks slowly or the force of contraction is not enough, then, it will cause double vision.
  • Isabel


    Yes, pinched nerves will cause double vision. When your nerves are pressured to some degree, your eyes nerves will be affected too. You will have the blurry vision and double vision. You'd better keep the good mood to treat your pinched nerve to make yourself keep healthy. That is very important. You could also use some eye drops to moisture the eyes.
  • Isabel fergus


    Causes of double vision are various. Cornea problems, lens problems, muscle problems, brain problems and nerve problems. When it comes to nerve problems, double vision will be refered soon. Multiple sclerosis can affect nerves anywhere,double vision will occur when nerves in brain which control eyes are damaged. Guillain-Barre syndrome is a nerve condition that causes progressive weakness. Uncontrolled diabetes all cause nerve problems in eyes. So we can summarize easily that a pinched nerve can cause double vision.