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Can I clean my glasses with toilet paper?

This morning I cleaned my glasses with toilet paper coz I couldn' t find my cloth. Will that be harmful to my glasses?
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  • cook


    I don't suggest you to use the toilet paper to clean your lenses which may be harmful for the glasses because of the scratches. As we know, the cloth is with the fibre which will clean the little dirty things on the glasses. You'd better use the cloth to clean the glasses to keep the usable date of the glasses.
  • Debbie


    There is no doubt that toilet paper can be harmful to your glasses. The lens of eyeglasses are made with plastic or glasses, and both of them are easily scratched. May be the scratches are not easy to be found, but you may feel fog and unclear when you see things through your eyeglasses.
  • Ethan


    Eye glasses should not be cleaned by toilet paper or any other paper products such as facial tissues, paper towels, or napkins. This is because that these things may easily contain little bits of wood in them that could scratch the glasses lenses. The most appropriate steps of cleaning the glass lenses are as the following. First of all, hold your glasses by the earpieces, and run them under the warm water for about twenty seconds per lens. Secondly, After you have done the cleaning job of your glasses, you had better to dry your lenses by simply giving them a couple little shakes over the sink, set them on a clean cotton towel, and allow them to air dry. With all these steps done, it is better to put the glasses in the case that they came with when you are not wearing them in case of collecting dust or getting nasty again.
  • Mmapitsi


    not harmful, use soft one. I have tried it, and it give my spectacle a clear vision