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Who made the first pair of sunglasses?

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  • Alexandra


    James Ayscough made the first pair of sunglasses in about 1752. He was an eyeglass designer at that time. He made a special kind of lenses which were combined with both tinted lenses and clear lenses. This special kind of spectacles with double-hinged side pieces could cause an offensive glaring light and further lead to discomfort in eyes. But later he used green and blue glasses to improve his invention. But at that time the designer just designed this kind of glasses to correct vision problems other than block UV rays.
  • 04/13/2012

    People say that sunglasses originated in 12th century when discs of smoky quartz were used to protect the eyes from the sun in china.In Europe, London optician James Ayscough created blue-tinted glasses to help with vision in 18th century , although he didn’t intent to regard them as sunglasses. The current sunglasses forms were introduced by Sam Foster, an American, in 1929.
  • Erika


    In the middle 18th century, the person who was called James Ayscough was said to be the first people to make tinted lenses in spectacles. In around 1752, Ayscough believed that the blue or green tinted glass could correct vision problems. So people begin to use sunglasses. But later, people find that sunglasses can block the UV ray from the sun to protect our eyes.
  • John eddy


    Maybe the sunglasses were made by Inuit people. Because it is said that they wore flattened walrus ivory "glasses" in prehistoric and historic time, this kind of glasses could help them to block harmful reflected rays of the sun by looking through narrow slits on the glasses.
  • elliekate825


    I think the first pair of sunglasses was made by the Roman, because I heard that the Roman emperor Nero used emeralds to watch gladiator fights. Emeralds can act like glasses and the emerald has color too. Maybe at that time, the people just found the tinted lenses will make their eyes feel better and then make the first pair of sunglasses.