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How to make double eyelids more obvious?

I want to make my eyes look with double eyelids. Can you tell me how to make it more obvious?
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  • evet


    To make your double eyelids more obviously and beautiful, the most useful way should be plastic surgery, which could actually change your eyelids to what you wanted. But, if you are afraid of the fail of the surgery or can not suffer the pain of it, make-up should be a good choice, it's only needs several minutes, you can draw a double eyelid with eyeliner easily.
  • classynottrashy


    Some people have natural double eyelid, but it seems that they have no double eyelid. Then those people get frustrated. However, there is a magic stuff can help people show their double eyelid more obviously. The double-fold eyelid glue can be used every day before your double eyelid can appear naturally. Paste the glue on each eyes every morning before you wear makeup.


    Well, make-up must be the best way. Wearing colored contact lenses also sounds great. Many colored contact lenses have a prominent effect on enhancing appearance and making eyes much bigger and beautiful and let your double eyelids much noticeable. What if do you have no double eyelids ? I have said that you can have double eyelids through make-up. You also can become a beautiful girl with double eyelids by sticking double-old eyelid. But you must stick them everyday. Can you really insist on fighting with them every day. Sometimes you may find that eyelid sticks seem not so cooperate that you even do not open your eyes and bring you some problems. Well, it's so unfortunately . However, you can take a surgery. Nowadays many girls suffered this surgery. It works fast and prominent, but also has certain dangerous. All in all, make-up sounds the safest way to make your dream come true.

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