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Michael anderson


Can eye allergies cause pain eye?

I suffer eye allergies, and my eyes feel so painful. So, i just want to know if eye allergies can lead to the pain of eyes? Why?
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  • cheergirl024


    There is no doubt that eye allergies can cause eye pain, exactly red eyes, itchy eyes and pink eyes are all associate with eye allergies. I think everyone have something knowledge about allergic. Here I want to emphasis something that is allergic conditions are more irritating than dangerous, even can let people loss life in a short time. Allergic company fever and sensitive, that is, allergic is easy to get infection. If you suffer eye allergies, you must be allergic to dust, cat and ointments. All these foreign matters can irritate your eyes. When you get high fever, virtus and bacterizes begin to follow you. Then your eyes feel unwell. At first, your eyes constantly keep running. After a while, they are pain and redness. You may want to rub or scratch eyes, but you cannot, or further infection will follow you. When these conditions occur, you can use soda to wash your eyes, and then go to see a doctor to seek proper heal solutions.
  • walkthru


    Yes, eye allergies can lead to the pain of eyes. The symptoms of eye allergies include swelling, redness, hives, watering, itching, and eye pain. When you get eye allergies, the allergen can cause uncomfortable feeling of eyes, including watering, itching, and eye pain and so on. But do not worry, those symptoms will gone when your eye allergies completely heal.
  • Maye


    Yes, eye allergies can lead to the pain of eyes. Eye allergies are a condition when the eyes react to an irritant or allergen. As far as I know, allergies can cause a pressure sensation along your eyebrows or forehead and this kind of allergies can cause your eyes to feel painful and irritated. You still need to konw that eye allergies can also cause swollen eyelids, soreness, burning, sensitivity to light. If left untreated, it can even damage you eyesight, so you'd better go to see your doctor as soon as possible.