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What is the difference between pterygium and pinguecula?

I just want to know if pterygium is the same as pinguecula? What are their differences?
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  • Julia


    Pinguecula most appears on the side of the eye closest to the nose, which looks as a yellowish bump on the conjunctiva. While, pterygium is a flesh tissue on the white of the eye. Although pinguecula and pterygium are all growth on the cornea, but they have many differences: 1. A pinguecula most appears closest to the nose, while pterygium growth on the white of the eye. 2. A pinguecula can not interfere with vision, while some pterygium can grow large enough to interfere with vision. 3. A pinguecula can develop to pterygium.
  • Brian Clem


    Despite the fact that pterygium and pinguecula both grow on the cornea of the eye and caused by dry eyes and environmental irritations such as dust, wind and pollen, they do differ from each other. Pterygium is a yellowish patch on the conjunctiva but pinguecula is a fleshy tissue that usually arise from a pinguecula and grows on the conjunctiva extending over the cornea. Pterygium can be seen as a change in the normal tissue caused by protein deposit, just like callus on the skin. However, pinguecula can keep growing and do harm to our vision.

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