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James green


How to remove eyelash stuck in the corner of my eye

It seems a tiny eyelash stuck in the corner of my eyes. And my eyes feel so bad. How can i get it out of my eyes? Any suggestion?
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  • comingoutloud


    It seem very annoying to get a tiny eyelash stuck in the corner of your eyes. OK, do not feel so bad any longer because here I want to share some tips of getting it out of your eyes. 1. Let somebody to blow into your eyes to make the eyelash "fly" out of the eye. 2.Just keep winking your eyes hard in which way the eyelash may get out of the eye automatically. 3.Pinch the skin of your eyelid and flap it with your finger slightly and maybe the eyelash will pop out suddenly. 4.You can also wash your eyes with clear and warm running water, splashing some drops into the eye every time and keep doing this for dozens of times. And you will surprisingly find that the eyelash will no longer be in the corner of the eye any more.
  • Gillian


    I have suffered from this problem for several times. It really drove me crazy. I used to ask my friends to blow the eyelash out, but it wasn't work sometimes. Artificial tears could be helpful. I even saw a doctor, I remember she help me with an injector. Now, I can tell you the procedure, however, you'd better not do this alone. Infuse an clean injector with pure water or physiological saline, then push those liquid into your eyes though eye corner. Keep the distance between the injector and your eyes.