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Can eye allergies cause dry eyes?

Can people with eye allergies also feel dry eyes? I mean, is it possible to lead to dry eyes because of eye allergies?
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  • b1wdancer23


    55. As for some people, house dust, mold and mildew, cat dander, smoke and much more are the allergic source for eyes. In addition, some people have a mild or strong adverse reaction to particular substances, such as cleaning chemicals. Here I want to say that eye allergies cause dry eyes easily. Dry eye syndrome is a very common condition that is characterized by a disturbance of the tear film. Some eye drops and substances get into the tear film easily. So if your eyes are allergic, please avoid Vaseline, mineral oil, and lanolin, including antibiotic eye ointments and get far away of sleep masks that no need to wash. You also should far from aromatic oils and incense. If you really feel uncomfortable, you can use soda solutions to wash your eyelids and face. After that, discuss with your eye doctor and find out the real causes of your allergies. Don't take any medical treatments by yourself, or you just worsen your condition.
  • emptyheading


    Dry eyes can be caused by allergies, and they can also caused by tiredness, lacking of nutrition, water, etc. Once you get dry eyes, you need to stop using eyes immediately, take a break, close your eyes, then massage your eyes for a while. Use artificial tears to relieve your dry eyes. If your dry eyes are really caused by allergies, you need to clean your eyes with pure water or physiological saline at first.
  • Cassidy bell


    Mostly, people get eye allergies also suffer from dry eyes, and dry eye pain could become worse because of allergies. Because of allergies and dry eye work in the same vicious cycle, when a patient gets allergies, allergies could deteriorate the tear film, then cause dry eye symptoms. That's the reason why people with eye allergies also feel dry eyes.