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Does optic neuritis cause bloodshot eye ?

Can optic neuritis cause bloodshot eyes? How? Is there any thing i can do to prevent it?
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  • Jocelyn griffin


    Broadly, optic neuritis is the inflammation of the optic nerve. It is not an usual eye disease. Some severe cases even lead to complete blindness. Bloodshot can be caused by it in eyes. But it is not the most common sign. People who get optic nerve are easy to suffer pain, fogy in cornea, redness and blurry vision. Optic nerve is commonly due to infections , ocular herpes, other viral infections, sinusitis and nutritional deficiency. Eating something contain high b12 can prevent optic neuritis , and eye infections. Keep a green using of eyes in daytime and nighttime.
  • cook


    Generally speaking, optic neuritis does not usually present with bloodshot eyes. There are several reasons for having bloodshot eyes. First of all, you might overuse your eyes for too long a time and have not had adequate sleep or rest. Secondly, it might be a certain kind of allergy infected by rays, smoke, smell, or something else. In addition, it might as well be conjuntivitis that your eyes may have been infected with viruese, bacteria, or chlamydia trachomatis. You had better go to the doctor's for an eye examination to make sure whether your eyes are within one of the above conditions. Pay attention that you should have regular rest and eat some vegetables and fruits. As to optic neuiris, it usually gets better on its own. And some steroid medications such as intravenous steroids and oral steroids are used to treat optic neuritis, because they help reduce inflammation in the optic nerve. Sometimes a treatment called plasma exchange therapy may help some people recover their vision. To prevent the optic neuritis, eradication of the underlying infection, treatment of the underlying disorder as well as the multiple sclerosis will usually stay away from it. Besides, lifestyle modification such as weight control, dietary changes and exercise plus blood sugar stabilization can also decrease the risk of optic neuritis.
  • Jeff


    Well, in my opinion, optic neuritis can just lead to bloodshot eyes. So you just need to be careful about it. Generally speaking, the optic nerve, which is also known as cranial nerve, is a nerve which is present in the retina of the eyes and consists of axons or nerve tracts. Of course, you should know that the main function of the optic nerve is to transmit visual information to the brain. According to some researches, when the optic nerves become inflamed due to any reaction or infection, optic neuritis can be possible. And when optic neuritis occurs, there will have many different eye problems. For example, your eyes will be red and bloodshot, because of the high eye pressure. For your situation, of course, you should go and see the eye doctor, so that he can just give you some advices to treat it. Also, one of the major symptoms of optic neuritis is loss of vision, which may vary from blurring, to complete blindness.