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Does graves eye disease go away?

I seem to have grave eye disease these days and I feel bothered. Can anybody tell me some ways to remove this situation or can graves eye disease go away itself?
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  • arnold


    You should go to see the doctor and ask for the medical treatment. The graves eye disease will not go away itself easily. Eye graves disease mostly affects eyes, CT of extraocular muscle hypertrophy of the optic nerve enlargement and exophthalmos. It is also known as eye type thyroid eye disease. The graves disease incidence in eye disease is in the first place. The incidence of the disease is most common in middle-aged women. The men and women ratio is 1:3. The bilateral painless exophthalmos eyelid shrinks ophthalmoplegia. The main pathological changes of extraocular muscle hypertrophy. In addition, it changes the orbital fat content. Optic nerve dysfunction includes decreased visual acuity diplopia pupillary reflex and vision abnormalities. The graves diseases will cause your eyes to get high pressure and cause your many other eye problems. You need to accept the medical treatment and have good rest for the eyes health.
  • emi47678


    Well, the multiple but classical symptoms of graves' disease must be bulging eyes, or suffering of thyroid eye disease, both of which lead to eye dryness. As for such symptom, before you go to the eye office, you are recommended to take care of your eyes by keeping it lubricated. There is no doubt that you will suffer an appearance of protruding eyes, or even eye excessive dryness and eye pain. So, keeping your eyes moist by lubricating your eyes with artificial tears and eye drops can relieve the eye dryness. Besides, you can get some medicine from your doctor. And it is worth mentioning that you need to take care of your eyes by keeping it lubricated before the disease can be cured thoroughly. Currently, scientists still organized research on and made significant progress in diagnosing, treating and preventing grave eye disease. Good luck
  • Lindsay


    Well, generally speaking, you should know that according to some doctors, grave eye disease is the most common form of hyperthyroidism. And in common, when it occurs, your eyes may look enlarged, because the upper lids are elevated. Of course, in some situation, one or both eyes can be bulge, and that can be very terrible. So you should pay more attention to it. In my opinion, it cannot disappear by itself, so you should try some ways to treat it. You can just have cool teabags to treat it. And then just have a good rest. Because it can be serious and dangerous, you may need to go and see the doctor. So that he can just give you some examination. Anyway, just be careful about it.