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What to do if you get hydrochloric acid in your eye?

My eyes feel so bad because i got a bit of hydrochloric acid in my eyes. What shall i do to help my eyes? Do you have any good idea?
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  • Gillian


    You need to rinse your eyes with saline water immediately and see a doctor as soon as possible. The severity of the damage of your eyes depends on the density of the hydrochloric acid solution. The higher concentration of the solution, the more serious is the damage to your eyes and vision. If you don't feel very uncomfortable, you can just drip some antibiotics every day until your eyes recover.
  • ellochkablecy


    Normal tear is alkalescent clear liquid, if acid containing or alkaline liquid enters eyes, you must race against time local materials thoroughly clean. It is best to face immersed within the basin, then, opening your eyes and swing the head to wash the residue of acid and alkaline chemicals. In addition, hydrochloric acid can neutralize alkaline liquid such as 2 ~ 3% heavy sodium carbonate solution. Finally, using sulfadiazine sodium injection under the conjunctiva.

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