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Katelyn smith


Is prk surgery worth it?

I have very poor eyesight. So, i just think about PRK surgery to my eyes. But i heard that it is risk. What your idea? Is PRK surgery worth?
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  • Adam tuener


    It depends on your own situation. If your retina is too thin, usually those with heavy myopia prescription, you may have serious complications after the prk surgery like floater or retinal detachment. Even others are possible to suffer from complications like dry eyes syndrome, serious viral conjunctivitis, vision recession, keratoconus. Therefore, I suggest you not have this surgery unless necessary. For example, you want to be a pilot, which requires perfect eyesight.
  • Chris L.


    I think it isn't worth receiving the PRK surgery. Now, please let me show my idea. I have heard a boy who get worse after the PRK surgery, and the things he can see are point range. What's more, his binocular vergence function is also cracking up. According to analysis of many ophthalmologists, there exists unknown side effect after the PRK surgery and now wearing glasses is the most secure way. So Think it twice.
  • Joshua?arnold


    It is hard to say whether it is worthy to take the prk surgery. It is depended on your needs. Prk surgery is using excimer laser by cutting to refractile corneal flap under the substrate layer. Thereby it could reduce the corneal curvature of pupil area, achieving the purpose of correcting myopia. The popular view is as a kind of transparent material, cornea by cutting into a pair of lenses. It can be corrected 200 degrees - 2000 degrees of myopia. From the current results of clinical observation, this surgery is to correct high myopia of commonly used in the surgery of corneal thickness demand which is higher. It is only suitable for myopic degree which is stable for more than two years of adult. Although it is safe and effective now, it has common complications, including corneal flap, translocation, depigmentation, epithelial implantation, corneal neovascularization and eye winker residue between the layers. Usually before the surgery, you will take the eye exam to see whether you are suitable to take it. Basically speaking, this surgery is safe and effective for people with myopia.