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Matthew baker


How to treat dry eyes after double eyelid surgery?

My eyes feel so dry after taken a double eyelid surgery one week ago. What shall i do? How can i treat my dry eyes?
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  • cook


    As far as i know, there is no cure for dry eyes. Usually, people with dry eyes can be released by eye drops. Besides, you shall also take care of your eye in your daily life. in details, you shall eat more green vegetable and drink more water every day. And also, you shall always put a cup of water on your desk so as to increase the humidity in the air around you so as to keep your eyes moist. Hope this can help you.
  • christy9589


    Your eyes get dry after you have double eyelid surgery. Your eyelids can't close well after you have this surgery. You need the following treatments: 1. Hot compress on daily basis 2. Eyes massage in the morning and at nights. 3. Blink your eyes more 4. Eye drops 5. Smart plug implant surgery 6. Have enough sleep
  • Hebbe


    It seems to me you are suffering the consequences of taking a double eyelid surgery, which may give rise to a lot of problems with your eyes afterwards. Such as dry eyes, watery eyes, painful eyes, etc. You could fix the problem by following the doctor's advice and instructions so as to get rid of it. And pay attention to your rest and diet before you are fully recovered.
  • Marc


    For the first ten days after double eyelid surgery, your eyes may feel sticky, dry, itchy and so on. Do not worry, those problems will be disappear day by day after you use the eye drops that your surgeon recommended. And remember not to rub your eyes during this period because it can make your eyes worse.