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Can people be born with grey eyes?

I just wonder if there are people that be born with grey eyes? Do you think they are beautiful?
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  • Luke shelley


    Yes, they are.There are several different colored eyes for people with different district and nation etc. Among them, there are some people are born with grey eyes. And personally, i don't the color of the eyes can be key important of their look. Usually, most of Asian have black eyes while most of European and American have blue eyes. Still there are small group of people with green, brown, grey and hazel eyes. And usually the color of the eyes is inherent from parent.
  • coloradolicious


    Yes, some people are born with gray eyes. Gray eye color is a variation of blue eye color, with little melanin in the stroma of the iris. I do like gray eye color, as gray color appear to be soft, mild, clear and pure. It is my favorite eye color. It's crystal and mysterious. Hard to describe its beauty as I can't find anything else which has similar color.
  • Vanessa


    Yes, I think they are great. In general, eye colors depend on eye's iris pigmentation and light scattering frequency. Due to the complex eye color genetics, various eye colors can occur in different parent-child combinations. Gray eyes are most common in northern and eastern Europe, more than north west Africa. Under magnification, gray eyes exhibit small amounts of yellow and brown color in the iris. They seems beautiful. Also, when people with a pure grey eyes gaze on you, you can feel a holy and sincere sense because you can easily look into the deep of their clear eyes as if you touch their souls. By the way, people with such color need to care more about the eyes because they are at increased risk of uveal melanoma, as well as blue.
  • hand_in_glove_


    Yes, some people may be born with grey eyes. They will look beautiful and attractive at the eyes. Different people from different country may have different color of the eyes from the genetic genes. The color of the eyes will not be changed easily. Now a lot of people wear the colored contact lenses to make their eyes look attractive and beautiful.
  • cthier


    Ok, It sounds like you are really interested in grey colored eyes. Anyway, as you can see, this is a diversified world, where you could see many colors with our eyes. And of course, grey eyes are possible, especially among European people, such as Russian, or some other species. And it is notable that sometimes many of us have a color that is mixed, which might be grey and green. I think they are exotic and amazing.

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