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How to get rid of swelling after double eyelid surgery ?

I just took a eyelid surgery. And my eyes now appear swollen. Is there any thing that i can do to treat my swelling eyelids?
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  • Vidadimir


    1. Avoid bowing your head as you can. Keep your chin up so that the blood won’t run into your eyes and make them swollen. 2. Don't have spicy food or seafood. 3. Sleep on thick pillow and keep your eyes away from the pillow. 4. Apply hot and cold compress to your eyes daily. Hot compress improves blood circulation.
  • claire_lew


    Ok, it seems that you have got a successful eyelid surgery, which makes your eyes more attractive. Anyway, it is true there are always consequences of the surgery. Such as swollen eyes, watery eyes, bloodshot eyes, etc. So, you should try to get positive follow-up treatment in the hospital until you are finally recovered. Also, try to follow the doctor's instructions and pay attention to your use of eyes and diet.
  • Susan


    Eyelid surgery is a cosmetic proceed to make your eyes looks more beautiful. It's very common to get swelling eyes after the surgery. You can apply a bag of ice on your eyes or use a clean towel that moistened in cold water apply on your eyes to help reduce the swelling eyes more quickly.

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