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Can a stroke cause double vision?

I am already in my fifties. And I once suffered from a stroke. And recently I have found that I have got double vision. I am wondering if it is caused by the stroke.
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  • Miranda hall


    Your stroke may cause your double vision which you need to pay attention to. The nerves in the whole body are interlinked. Your stroke may cause the eyes to be dry. Then the eyes will be red. You will find that the double vision will appear because of the dryness. You could use some eye drops to moisture the eyes and make the eyes feel comfortable. You could also try the method of warm compress.
  • cant_let_him_go


    Yes, it can be possible that the double vision may be caused by a stroke, which is usually seen in cerebrovascular disease. This is due to the injury of brainstorm or the damage of cranial nerve that leads to the disfunction of musculus ocularis. If so, then you had better go to the doctor's for medical treatment such as preiscription of neurotrophic drug treatment combined with Chinese acupuncture. You should take time to go through it with patience. Have good rest and sleep, eat more vegetables and fruits, do not drink or smoke at all. Besides, do some exercises that are not very fierce such as taking a walk in the morning, also do some eye exercises to massage the muscles around the eyes. Last but not least, keep in a good mood and be optimistic.
  • Jerry H.


    Yes, a stroke can cause double vision. When a person suffers from a stroke, something goes wrong in his nerve systems. The nerves which carry information from his eyes to the brain may be affected. As a result, the loss of information will lead to double vision or blurred vision. Go check your eyes. If your eyes are OK, but still get double vision, it is very likely that your double vision is caused by stroke.