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Why does my vision get blurry as day goes on?

I find that my eyes getting more blur in recent years as days goes on. Why? Is that mean i got some eye diseases?
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  • Justin williams


    There has many reasons which would cause the blurry vision here, and the disease parts of eyes are different. Inflammation is the most common reason of vision blur. The inflammation has two ways to cause, by virus and the dry eye is the common term of xerosis of conjunctiva. It’s the eyes symptom of tear film's pathological change, thus the cornea and conjunctiva without normal moist and feel dry. It will lead to blurred vision in a long time. The reasons of the cause of dry eyes could be inflammation and immune system abnormal as well as lack of vitamin A. The two former reason may caused by infection, while the last one is caused by the nutrient condition. Myopia, hyperopia, astigmia, amblypia etc will also lead to vision blur. Eyes muscle hurt by physical crash, chemical burning, glaucoma will also lead to the same symptom. Other parts body disease of circulation and metabolism will affect the eyes blood circulation too. Old people are easy to get cataract when eye aging. You must think about your own situation, or go to doctor to see the details if your eyes got disease or only lack of nutrients to nourishing.
  • erickie6


    No, your eyes may become short sighted. If you are already short sighted, the prescription may be increased. You must check whether your use of eyes in front of computer these days is too much. You'd better find some spare time to have a check in the hospital. If you get short sighted, you should have the eyeglasses to help you see things clearly.
  • Robert ja


    Hi, eyes can get blur for all kinds of reasons. It is just like your body can get tired for many reasons. So the basic thing you need to check is whether you used them too much, such as too much driving, too long sitting before a computer or long time watching TV, or do some other work that can blur you eyes like welding. So check these things first, if eyes are used too much they are likely to get tired and get blur, then you just need to have a rest, or work with a sufficient interval rest. If it is not the reason of using too much, you will need to go to a doctor. After all, you cannot be too careful about eyes.
  • copelynrose


    In your case, it is normal to get blurred vision by aging. Because of blurred vision is a loss of sharp vision in one or both eyes. And it could result from minor problems, such as myopia. However, it also could be a symptom of mild to serious eye disorders or conditions. Depending on the cause, blurred vision can begin suddenly and disappear quickly, such as when your eyes are refocusing on a far object after reading, or after sun overexposure. Or it can from a detached retina or head trauma. Blurred vision is developed and accompanied by additional symptoms, such as halos around lights, may be a sign of cataracts. In your case, you had better go to see eye doctor to determine the exactly reason of blurred vision.