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How to make dark brown eyes stand out without makeup?

I have brown eyes. Is there anyway that can help me beautify my eyes? How to make my eyes stand out?
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  • elblancodiablo


    In fact, as far as I am concerned, I am really into brown eyes you know? They are mysterious and beautiful, attractive, deep. Anyway, there are some things that you can to if you want to make your eyes appear more attractive. Get yourself a pair of butterfly-shaped glasses with light color such as blue, whit or orange. Jesus, just imagine, they will be shimmering and standing out!


    Nowadays, more and more people tend to wear the contact lenses to make their eyes show obvious and look charming. You can also have a try. Since you have the brown eyes, you may choose the dark black contact lenses to cover the original colors of eyes. As the accessory, the colored contact lenses may make your eyes look standing out.
  • chosen_cookie


    there are loads of ways. 1. Drink water and keep your eyes makes them sparkle and healthy eyes always stand out. 2. In general, bright coloured clothes are more likely to make brown eyes stand out. 3. Put your hair up puts more emphasis on your eyes 4. Your eyes are actually the most expressive part of your face, so if you think positively or are happy, even if it doesn't show anywhere else, it will show in your eyes and make them more attractive.