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How to tell if roberto cavalli sunglasses are real or fake?

Just looking for a pair of roberto cavalli sunglasses. Can anyone give me some suggestions about how to tell if they are real or fake?
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  • Allison walker


    When you choose roberto cavalli sunglasses, you shall avoid sunglasses signs of cheap roberto cavalli sunglasses. Besides, you shall check the sunglasses if there are logos of roberto cavalli. In addition, you shall also see their instruction that were are the sunglasses made. At last, evaluate the durability of the sunglasses. If they are in high quality and with the logo of roberto cavalli, you can buy it.
  • Jonathan tuener


    If the roberto cavalli sunglasses are fake, you will know at first feeling when wearing it. The fake one must be with flaw manual work. You will not wear them so comfortable. Another reason is that you will not wear them in balance if they are the fake one. All these you can know b trying them on and putting them on table to see its balance.
  • Kelly Dalton


    Roberto cavalli is a brand of stylish sunglasses from Italy, which is famous for its unique, colorful and fashion design. With advanced lens technology, the market share of Roberto cavalla is getting bigger. And there are more and more fake one appeared in the market. To select a real Roberto cavalli sunglasses, you should know something : 1. The price. Compare the price with that of its official website. If the price is lower too much, that must be fake. Do not try. 2. Where you buy Roberto cavalli sunglasses. Visit its official website and buy online, or get to know its store locator and go there. 3. Roberto cavalli logo on the lens. There is a logo in the upper left corner of the left lens. 4. Ask for help. Go to an authorized store and ask shop assistant to help you.