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Where is the best place to buy titanium glasses for kids?

I want to buy a pair of titanium glasses to my kid because i think they are light and durable. Can you recommend me a place to buy? What is the best place to buy titanium glasses especially for kids?
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  • evilbunny1369


    Yeah, if you want to choose a pair of eyeglasses for your kid, the titanium glasses is absolutely a good choice for its light weight and durable quality. You can go to the Walmart or Visionwork to have a look. There are many types of eyeglasses there. You may have a search.
  • Kyle kirk


    In fact, almost all titanium eyeglasses frames has the same durability. So, you can buy it from any eyeglasses shop. If you are constantly online shopper, you can also choose it online as long as you the prescription and frames size of your choose. Usually, most online shop provide more affordable eyeglasses than real shops. Here i find a sites which provide many children's titanium eyeglasses:
  • Charley


    Titanium glasses is an ideal option for children. They are lightweight, durable and malleable. You can buy it at many stores. But I recommend to a professional retailer. Where, with advanced optical instrument and thoughtful service, have an overall check with your kid’s eyes. And choose a suitable titanium glasses under the assistant's instruction. Children's eyes structure could be changed as they grow up, the subsequent service is necessary. So you had better to go to a formal optical center.