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What are the glasses with lines through them called?

I saw some people online wear eyeglasses with lines through them. What are such glasses called? Are they good for eyes?
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  • Melanie gerard


    I think you are talking about eyeglasses with frame like window shades. It is called shutter shade. It is firstly worn by American singer Kanye West in his MV. It becomes popular due to its unique design and wild flavor. Rock stars wear it during their shows and young people wear it when they go to pubs. Shutter shade is perfect match for music of strong beats and alcohol. Except for the showing utilization, shutter shade has no actual practical use. As there are no lenses on the frame, it does no harm to people's eyes, neither any good.
  • Nathan


    Those glasses also called shutter glasses or shutter shades. They are totally different from regular eyeglasses or sunglasses fixed with lenses to let you see the word through it. Shutter glasses are designed with lines through them that make it very unique from impression. Besides, the gap between lines allow you see through and focus other objects. Besides, the lines in the front frames also help you reduce intensive light to protect the eyes. Maybe this is why some people like to wear it.
  • enycelilmamii


    They are called shutter shades. They are so cool, yeah? Actually they are designed with so many lines through them. The design s so fashionable which may attract a lot of people's minds. They are still in popular now. They are worn as the sunglasses to protect the eyes from the uv or the strong sunlight.

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