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What does dk mean in contact lenses?

What does Dk mean? Is it just a abbreviation? what does Dk stand for when it refers to buy contact lenses?
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  • Ariana oliver


    There are many parameters for the contact lenses. The DK in contact lenses represent the oxygen coefficient. With the situation of the same thickness lens, if the DK value is bigger, the oxygen sex is better and the oxygen partial pressure can keep more. The condition to judge whether the lens material is good is depended on DK value which provides the breathe ability of oxygen. In addition, it can guarantee the normal cornea physiological needs.
  • Andrew hill


    Well, when it refers to contact lenses, DK stands for Diffusionskonstante. It is a Germany word. We can say diffusion constant or Oxygen Permeability of contact lenses. Also you should know that DK is the rate that oxygen can flow through the lens. DK/T determines how much oxygen gets through a lens of a particular thickness, "T". If you want to know more information about it, you can go to surf internet and look into it.
  • Nancy


    It means the oxygen permeability of the material that the contact is made of. The actual formula used is Dk/t, and the t stands for the thickness of the contact lens. Because of a very thick contact would have less oxygen pass through than a thinner contact, thickness is a variable. Therefore, Dk could be the abbreviation for Dk/t.
  • Aly Chiman


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