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How to tell if lacoste sunglasses are fake ?

Ask some advices to choose lacoste sunglasses. I don't want to get fake one. Is there anyway that can help me spot fake lacoste sunglasses?
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  • Sig


    Well, to judge whether they are fake or not, there are some tips you can follow. Lacoste's famous trademark symbol is its Lacoste crocodile logo patch. This is one of the easiest ways to spot a fake. A genuine Lacoste crocodile should be very distinct and should show scales, claws, and teeth. Any variation from this detailed standard should be deemed a fake. Also, you should know that Lacoste is a high end, fairly expensive designer brand. As such, prices are usually high and for good reason since the products are usually of very high quality design and material. If you are only paying cheap price for a pair of sunglasses, you should be careful about it. Of course, you can ask some professional person to determine it for you. Their advices are appreciated.
  • Melanie


    The ways to spot whether the lacoste sunglasses are fake are easy. You just check the brand print on the frame side. If it is fake, the brand print should not be smooth. In addition, you can use the fingers to touch. Then you can try it on and feel the comfortable sex. If it is fake, it will not be comfortable to wear.

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