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Does eye color affect sensitivity to light ?

I am always wondering that if a person' s sensitivity to light has something to do with his eye color. Well, I am just curious.
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  • charming_qtee


    Actually the eye color will have little relation with the sensitivity to light. The eye color is determined by the genetic genes which are difficult to change except for some unhealthy problems at the whole body. Different people in different country will have different color of eyes. That does not mean their sensitivity to light has great difference, which is related with the physique of their own. The eye color is related with the pupil. However the sensitivity to light will be related with the length of the light waves and the size of the pupils. At this aspect, the color of the eyes may affect the sensitivity to light a little. If the pupil is big, the amount of the light may come in more. If not, the situation is on the converse. In a word, their relationship is very little. If you have not good character at the sensitivity to light, you'd better wear the sunglasses when you are out.
  • Karen


    Your assumption is right. People with lighter eye color indeed are more sensitive to light. This is a result of natural selection. The ancestors of dark eyes come from sunny area where the ultraviolet is stronger, leading to more pigment deposit in their eyes to protect their eyes. Just like how the equatorial people look darker. The more melanin set down in their eyes, the less detrimental effect will be done from sunlight. There is less sunlight in high altitude area where the eye colors of people are lighter.

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