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Can allergies cause eye rolling?

I have eye allergy. And my eyes sometimes roll themselves. Why? Can allergies cause eye rolling?
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  • Jackson raphael


    Yes, allergies will cause your eye rolling. Once you get the allergies at the eyes, your eyes vision may be affected to some degree. Your eyes rolling may be caused by the coming invisible bacterium which you need to use the eyes drops to cure it. You could also use the warm compress to release your eyes allergies. You should not eat the spicy food which will make the allergy symptom get serious.
  • Johnny W.


    Well, yes, allergies can just lead to rolling eyes. first, you should know that allergies can just affect eyes, leading to some eye problems. For example, it will just make your eyes be infected. And also, have some common symptoms. In common, red eyes, itchy eyes, sore eyes can be possible. but on the other hand, there are also some other common presentations of allergic, including head jerks, shoulder shrugs, blinking, squinting, eye rolling, grimacing. So that can be dangerous.