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How to stop eye rubbing in children?

My little brother always rub his eyes. Why? i heard that rubbing eyes too much hurt eyes. So, is there anyway that i can stop it?
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  • Julio G.


    Actually, it's really an essential point to prevent children from infections by stopping them rubbing their eyes. Cause many bacteria always sticks to children's hands, and by means of rubbing their eyes, their dirty hands become the spread of bactria. In serious situation, it can lead to many eye diseases. Kids usually rub their eyes when he feel eye itches, eye drys. So, you must observer if his has such symptoms. If so, he may get eye infection or just dry eyes. You'd better have her a comprehensive eye test to see what's going on. And then take the right way to treat his eyes. As long as he feel good and comfortable, he won't rub eyes again.
  • entaliden


    Constantly rubbing eyes is bad for children's eyes, which can cause eye infection. Parents should take it seriously. To prevent them from rubbing eyes, you can tell the bad results of eye rubbing patiently and show their pictures about eye infection caused by rubbing eyes and let them know vividly. Tell them to wash their hands and do not rub eyes with dirty hands. If your kids like to rub their eye very much, you'd better pay more attention to him/her.
  • Ari


    Yes, rubbing eyes too much will hurt your eyes. You may let the invisible bacterium come into your eyes. In addition, you could also make the eyes surrounding muscles get loose which will cause the droopy eyelids. You could use the eyes drops to moisture the eyes to make them feel comfortable. You could also do the warm compress to make your eyes feel comfortable, not needing the rubbing.
  • walkingthesky


    It is true that rubbing eyes is one of the most common reasons for eye infections and problem. So it would be wise for you to prevent your bro from rubbing his eyes from time to time. I recommend you get some eye drops for him and take him to visit a doctor and find out what led to that. Also, vitamin pills and healthy diet are essential for him during childhood.

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