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What causes eye rolling in children?

Can you tell me what cause eye rolling in children? How can i help my child?
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  • craziblondi36


    I must confess that it is quite weird that children have twitching eyes. So, as a matter of fact, that is primarily resulted from nervous excitation, or just some cold. Anyway, that is not very serious as long as you pay more attention in the future and fix the problem from now on. Just try to take the kid to see a doctor if necessary. Also, try to give the kid a better and balanced diet, and some vitamin pills, that is very essential to the development of a kid.
  • Jonathan tuener


    Your children may roll the eyes involuntarily because of the coming bacterium which is invisible. You could also find that his eyes may get infection. You need to help him with some home remedies, like the warm compress which will be so workable. You could also give eyes drops with anti-inflammation into your children's eyes which will make their eyes get clear and moisture.