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How to get brown eyes naturally?

I like brown eyes very much. But i have a pair of Asian's black eyes. Is there any good way that i can get brown eyes naturally?
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  • Jordyn carter


    Your question sounds strange! God give everybody the own eyes colors. So you have no choice inborn. But I can tell you that, even the Asian people, their eyes color will change follow the years; the aged people's eyes will be lighter than the younger people. You may get dark eyes when you are young, but it will turn to be brown when you grow old. It is naturally! There is another way for you to change it immediately, you can wearing a contact lenses. You can find any color you like but its not the naturally way. Please cherish your own eyes, because it is a gift from God and inherited from your dear parents.
  • Kimberly


    The color of the eyes are determined by gene. Usually, the eye color is born to be. With aging, their eye color may less lighter than they were young. But the color won't change. DO far, i never seen any way that can change people's eye color naturally. If you want to other colored eyes, you can turn to colored contact lenses. Now, there are many colored contact lenses in the market. You can choose anyone you like to enhance your appearance.
  • Isabel fergus


    If you want to have the brown eyes naturally since you have the Asian's black eyes, you could wear the colored contact lenses to get this. There are a lot of brown color contact lenses in the market. You could choose one and wear one pair of contact lenses. Your brown eyes will look so naturally and beautiful. You could have a try.