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Anthony cecil


Why are some sunglasses more expensive than others?

There are many sunglasses online. Some of them are sold at very cheap prices. Still some of them are expensive. Why are some sunglasses more expensive than others? Which one shall i choose?
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  • elite_couture


    First of all, the prices of sunglasses are decided by its materials of frames and lenses. As for the lenses, polarized lenses are normally more expensive than ordinary ones as they are specially treated so that they can cut glares. When it comes to frames, the lighter and the more elastic the material is, the more expensive it is. Secondly, brand effect is also an important factor of price. Glasses of famous brands may be more expensive than their counterparts. Lastly, fashionable and trendy sunglasses are sold at higher price.
  • Eric


    First, many some sunglasses are designed by masters, such as ray-ban, prosun, propois. These brands of sunglasses are created in early 20 centuries. The pressure high quality, unique design and good after-sale. And many famous people are their fans, so they are much expensive than common sunglasses. Just because they are dear, many sunglasses manufacturers begin to imitate them. Thus, cheap sunglasses come into being. However, not all cheap sunglasses are poor quality. Some of them also speak highly of people. They also can light and cool.
  • Eugenia W.


    As we all know, you get what you pay for. So it is wise for you to choose the one with a good reputation and good after service. Those with a higher price may have a good quality, or can indicate that they have casted a lot of money into their public recognition and projected a good public image. A brand name on the box can simply identified what was inside. You can choose GUCCI, ARMANI, channel and so on. Some glasses come in very cheap prices because of shoddy workmanship. These can not be enduring and its shapes, colors and sizes can be completely different from what you have seen in their homepage. So, it is wise to listen to the former buyer and buy sunglasses from a legal source. Well, generally, you can require the basic figures of the frame including lens width, lens height, bridge distance and arm/temple length, which can be labeled inside of the sunglasses temples from your online store merchants.