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Is Freshlook Color Contact Lenses Very Uncomfortable?

I'm planning on buying Freshlook Color or Colorblends contact lenses and i've heard they are quite uncomfortable. So i was just wondering if i buy Freshlook Lenses and i've already tried other colored lenses will the uncomfortability level of the lenses be the same or will freshlook really be a problem?
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  • 04/12/2012

    as I know ,colored contacts are thicker and harder than normal one due to due to dyeing layer . Also they have poor air permeability which may cause itching and congestion . As some people have reflected that they are quite uncomfortable to wear , the uncomfortability level of the lenses will not change even though you have already get used to other brands . anyway ,I don't support people to wear colored contacts . they are sacrificing their health little by little .
  • handsomemansclu


    Usually speaking, it should not be the problem on the colored contact lenses. Instead, it is your eyes that cause the problems. It must be that your eyes are dry because of the long time use in front of the computers. You should check on your eyes firstly. If it is OK, then you could try another type of contact lenses. Or else, you will buy in vain.

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