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How does the lens thickness affect the look and fitness of glasses?

I haven't changed my glasses for about 6 years cuz I'm very picky about my glasses. Actually, I just have one issue. I'm not sure how the thickness of the lenses will affect the look and fitness of my glasses. I used to use 1.57 index lenses. My prescription is: O.D. -1.50-.50x140 O.S. -1.25-2.50x76 I don't know how to read them and what they mean. Is there anyone who has the same experience with me?
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  • misty C.


    The higher the prescription, the higher index is required for the lenses. Selecting a higher index will ensure your lenses are as light and thin as possible. This will improve the overall look (by being thinner) and comfort (by being lighter) of your eyeglasses if you are significantly nearsighted or farsighted. But for your power it is OK to choose 1.57 index lenses. Your power is read as you are near sighted, OD stands for the right eye while OS stands for the left eye. Your power for your right eye is -1.50, left eye: -1.25. CYL, cylinder is the diopters degree of the astigmatism which is showed as the middle value in your prescription, Right eye CYL: -0.50 Left eye CYL: -2.50 Axis is a number between 0-180 meaning the orientation of your astigmatism which is showed as the last number in your prescription. Axis for right eye:140, Axis for left eye:76.There is no sign before this number. ADD means near additon which is used for making single vision reading glasses, computer glasses, bifocal & progressive eyeglasses.
  • Cary Green


    The OS is the short letter for "oculus sinister": (LEFT EYE) and OD is short for "oculus dexter" (RIGHT EYE ).The first number in OD and OS is your Sphere(SPH) number which means you are nearsighted or farsighted.The signal "-" means you are nearsighted and the strength of your right eye is -1.50 and -1.25 for your left eye.The second number represents your Cylinder (CYL) which is dilopters degree of astigmatism. This number also have "+" or "-"signs. The last number means the orientation of your astigmatism which is between 0 and 180. Actually the stronger your prescription is,the thicker the lenses are,and they will look more unwieldy and unattractive.
  • Angela tuener


    Yeah.The thickness of the lens will affect the look and fitness of glasses.There is nothing to worry about because there is a material called high index which can make your lens thinner.Usually the higher your prscription is, the thinner your lens will be.So you can choose this kind of material for your glasses lens, then it will look much nice on you.

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