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Ghassan S.


Why do people still wear sunglasses even when it is not sunny outdoors?

For fashion? Protect eyes?
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  • Brooke


    There are two reasons why do people wear sunglasses even it is not sunny outdoors.Even if the sunlight is not so strong, there is still noticeable UV radiations which can cause cataracts. Some people wear it just for fashion.
  • cocky_bitch


    Sunglasses can be worn even in a cloudy day because there is still UV rays that you should wear sunglasses to block.What's more, wearing sunglasses can make people look cool.
  • Jack


    To prevent the UV rays,of course.Even though it is not sunny,there are still UV rays that can cause harm to your eyes.But they are not as strong as they are in sunny days.
  • Charley


    Some people wear it for fashion,some have a habit of wearing sunglasses when outside.

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