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Are there any risks of lasik surgery?

Is lasik surgery risky? If so, what are the risks?
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  • chriso1984


    Commonly to say that lasik surgery is safe, but some people do suffer complications after the surgery. Some peolpe are troubled with dry eye, pain, blurry vision or have not been able to drive at night because of problems with glare.
  • canttouchthis90


    After you get lasik surgery, you may get complications in the long term. You may suffer corneal scarring, light sensitivity change in corneal shape, and so on. However, seldom people would suffer these complications.
  • handxrxtied


    The first week after having the Lasik surgery,you may have blurry vision or dry eyes,but it is normal to have such symptoms.You are expect to see clear after that.But if you have dry eyes even before Lasik, you are at risk for a permanent and severe problem following lasik surgery.
  • Melanie gerard


    Every surgery has risks.The most common complication of lasik surgery is overcorrection or undercorrection .These may need a certain time of observation and consider a second surgery.

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