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Trinity rose


Why the doctors who perform lasik surgery still wear glasses?

if lasik surgery is so effective, Why don't they get it done too?
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    They just don't want to take any risk of lasik surgery complications. For the Opthamologists, eyes are more important than any part of their body, they care much of their eyes, any complications would let him/her lose the job/ career. That is why they still wear glasses.
  • eddy


    That depends on their own preferences.Some people just prefer wearing glasses.There is also possiblity that some people have some medical conditions so that they can not be qualified for lasik surgery. At last they wear glasses instead.
  • Luis


    Lasik surgery is not suitable for everyone.Having lasik surgery or not depends on everyone's preference.Maybe the doctor is used to wear glasses and don't want to take the risk.The eyes are quite important for their career after all.
  • baker


    They can't perform the surgery to themselves and they may not trust other doctor's skill.So they still wear glasses.Or they just feel good with glasses.

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