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Can prescription sunglasses be orange?

I would like to get an orange sunglsses to match my new hair. I know regular sunglasses are of many colors, but I need prescription ones, so can i get orange rx sunglasses?
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  • Shelby


    Of course you can. you can get it tinted to any color you want.Orange is a nice color to protect your eyes from UV rays.
  • emptypayphone


    Surely you can if the sunglasses are made correctly to your prescription.The color of them won't affect your vision.The orange lenses can filter out almost 100% UV rays to give you better eye protection.
  • Shelby rodney


    Orange sunglasses can largely protect your eyes from hurting because it can block almost 100% UV and Glares. It is a good choice for those people who like skiing,fishing,and driving.
  • cthier


    I can't find the reason why you can't.Just do it!
  • Jackson


    Orange sundlasses are very nice and they will protect our eyes effectively.I have seen many people wearing orange sunglasses and they look pretty good.

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