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Is it good to put potatoes on your eyes ?

I am told that applying potatoes is good for my eyes. Really? How can they make that?
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  • erinpoo130


    It is said that applying raw potatoes is good for relieving puffy eyes, red eyes and dark circles under eyes. Scientists found that potatoes contain catecholase, an enzyme that lightens skin. So, placing one slice of potato on each eye for 15 minutes a day can help you light the skin around eyes and reduce those eye problems.
  • hanes3777


    You could do that. You could cut the potatoes into slices. Then you could put the potatoes on the surface of the eyes. Close your eyes. Your eyes surface will absorb the potatoes' inner water. You could also use the tea bags to cover on the eyes. It could also be effective and workable.
  • etherealfreak


    Yep! Potatoes can good for your eyes. Because there have so many amylase in the potatoes which can reduce the swelling. It also has another major benefit: Get rid of black eye. It usage is straightforward. Every day before you go to sleep, revived tried eyes in 10 minutes by cover each eye with a slice of potatoes.

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