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What are good home remedies for eye strain?

I suffered eye strain now and then. How can i get rid of this? Are there any good home remedies that can help me?
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  • John Hendry


    Most of the eye strain is caused by over use of eyes. And there are many easy methods of relief eye strain by yourself at home as follwing : 1. Avoid watching TV in darkness; 2. Close your eyes for several minutes when your eyes feel uncomfortable; 3. Take a regular break to relax your eyes when you working for a long time; 4. Put your book at least 40cm away from your eyes for reading. Except above methods, you also can use some eye drops to relief your eye strain.
  • Makayla


    Well, generally speaking, it is normal to have eye strain in daily life, especially when you overuse your eyes for a long time. First, you should know that eye strain is actually the strain of the muscles controlling the eyes. And because of it, double vision, headache, eye bags can be possible. At this time, you should just have some ways to relieve it. For example, you can just strengthening eye muscles with a series of eye exercises. Also, having cool cucumber on your eyes will be beneficial. By the way, teabags can be good too. Of course, you can drop some eye drops on your eyes. Anyway, just have a try.
  • Riley


    Yes, there are the home remedies for you: 1. Close and blink your eyes at regular intervals. 2. Have eye exercises like blinking and rolling your eyes. 3. Massage and relax your eye muscles regularly. Look away from what you are focusing on for a short while. 4. Adjust your computer screen resolution so that the strain can be minimized. 5.Supply yourself with food with more Vitamin A.