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How to treat astigmatism in children?

My little child got astigmatism. What shall i do to help him? How can i cure astigmatism?
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  • walki


    First of all, you need to know how serious his astigmatism is. Astigmatism is due to the refractive error which results from the shape of the eye not being round enough. Nearly every one has astigmatism to some extent. If the situation is not so serious that his vision has been affected, you can just leave it alone. However, if the situation is not so optimistic, you have two options. 1.Get prescription corrective lens for your child, whether eyeglasses or contact lenses. You doctor will choose what the most suitable is for him. 2.Let your child wear eyewear to correct his vision until he come of age. When his eyes has grown well, you can take him to have laser surgery to change to shape of his cornea and cure his astigmatism. Apart from the two treatment, you can also prevent his vision from getting worse through the following precautions: 1.Have his vision checked regularly. 2.Teach him to read, watch TV, use computer, or play iphone in right position and distance. 3.Adjust the lighting of your house so that his vision won't be harmed. 4.Add food rich in vitamin A into your recipe.
  • Nathan harris


    Generally speaking, it is dangerous for your child to have astigmatism. According to some experts, shadow images, eye muscle spasms, eyestrain, and headaches, blurry vision will be possible to them. For the treatments, of course, surgery can be done to cure it. Also, wearing contact lenses can do a help too. So just take your child to see the doctor.
  • Barry


    It is so bad for your child to get the astigmatism. Thus the retina image blurred this refractive error state which is called astigmatism. They may have the blurred vision. Far near vision is poor, seem to have double images. They will have easy eye fatigue, eye pain, headache, nausea and vomiting. Whatever astigmatism must take the mydriatic optometry, especially for mixed astigmatism. You could let your child take the 1% atropine eye drops and eye ointment mydriatic optometry, twice a day. After three consecutive days, he should take Fang Kejian optometry. You should let him to wear the eyeglasses with astigmatism role to help him have the right vision. He should also use the corneal contact lens to do the correction at the eyes. He should not watch tv or play computers for a long time with little rest which will make the situation of the eyes get serious.
  • harris


    Several options exist for treating astigmatism in adults, but in children, the treatments are far more limited. When a case of childhood astigmatism is severe enough to affect the child's vision, an eye doctor is most likely to prescribe glasses. This is because children and their eyes are still growing and maturing.